What I did on my Easter Holiday

On my Easter Holiday I went to this place called Glow World.I went with My Mum My Nan and Uncle, We had a great time,We went in this mirror maze and you had to find your way out, then when we up stairs and there was this man there and he was controling this floor that moved and you had to sit down on it. After the mirror maze we went on a ghost train ,it was really scary, this man came out and touched us all,then after that there was spiders and they blew out air so that you would feel like everthing was tikiling you. Then we saw this performance, it was Arial there was two big crabs and they came really close, then we went to go and get somthing to eat and i slept at my Nans house.Then on Easter we just did an Easter egg hunt. One of the days was not good because i had to have an operation.

By Skye

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