Year 6 Aztec Warriors

Year 5 Aztec Warriors! on PhotoPeach

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  1.    James Brownlow Says:

    Hi Year 6,
    Just been checking out your head-dresses on the slide-show on your Blog page-they’re fantastic and I’m most impressed by all of your warrior poses-very scary!!
    The Aztec Gods also wore head-dresses, often linked to which aspect of the Earth they were responsible for. Maybe you could research them to find out all the different Gods they had-wonder if you can pronounce all the names? (I certainly couldn’t!)
    Can you think of any other Gods that may have been needed in the Aztec world-hey, maybe you could invent one of your own?!!
    Well I’m gonna go n have a big bowl of chilli before bed ahead of a long day of research again tomorrow.
    Speak soon Year 6

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